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Updates from our Church Board

The Church Board is in the process of forming a search committee to explore a prospective minister for our church. Please understand that this often takes a significant amount of time to find the right minister to fit our congregation. We’re not asking them to pick someone to fill the shoes of Pastor Tony. We are asking them to find a Minister that will lead our congregation to a stronger faith in Christ, to make us stronger leaders in our church and our community, to lead us and challenge us to be better Christians, to grow in our Bible knowledge and witness.

We hope you will continue to attend regularly, so you can have input in this decision, as members of our congregation you have a stake in the final outcome.


Your Church Board

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Notes from Rev. Mark Alterman

Greetings from Pastor Mark and his wife Sonja,

We have lived in big cities and in small towns.  Sometimes we are needed in the cities, but we enjoy small towns most.  We have enjoyed viewing the farm country as we drive to Appleton City each Sunday this month.  This Sunday Sonja is planning to come with me, and we are bringing a guest.  Aimee Berry was one of my students at Manhattan Christian College more than ten years ago.  She has recently moved from Manhattan to Kansas City, Missouri, and she is looking for a church.  Like us, she likes small towns.  We told her Appleton City might be too far to drive every Sunday, but she can join us for a road trip this Sunday.

On July 3, I requested prayers for our daughter Tabitha and her two children Jupiter (age 9) and Lumina (age 7).  There is a hearing tomorrow about custody arrangements, and we need God to move a mountain.  Please pray for our whole family tomorrow.

I will continue preaching from the book of Philippians this month.  It is one of the most positive and encouraging books in the Bible.  A little later I am going to post my introduction to Philippians and notes on the first two messages.  Then I will give a preview of things to come.  Stay tuned!

Grace and Peace,


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Notes from Rev Mark Alterman

The Readers

We first meet some of the believers from Philippi in the book of Acts.  We learn from chapter 16 that when Paul and his missionary team first came to Philippi, they found a women’s prayer group that met outside the city limits by the river side.  Lydia was a wealthy business woman who had a large house and an active business.  She bought and sold purple fabric and garments.  Purple was the color of royalty and the die was expensive.  She evidently was used to hosting traveling merchants, and it was natural for her to host the missionary team.

At the other end of the social spectrum was a young girl who was enslaved and exploited for what her owners considered a gift—the ability to tell fortunes.  She followed Paul around and he became annoyed.  He said her “gift” was a demon and drove it out.  When her owners saw they could no longer profit by exploiting her, they got angry and had Paul and Silas thrown in jail.

That’s where they met the jailer.  God broke them out through an earthquake.  The jailer feared his prisoners would escape and he would be humiliated, so he prepared to fall on his sword like a good Roman.  Instead, Paul told him how to be saved forever.  He first tended to Paul and Silas’s wounds then brought his family in to hear Paul present the Good News.  The whole audience accepted the News, were baptized, and rejoiced.

In Philippians chapters 2 and 4 we meet a few more real people.  Paul mentions his plans to send Timothy to them as soon as he learns his verdict.  Timothy at times was shy and timid, but he was real.  Paul said he is the only one he could trust to genuinely care for them.

The Philippians had sent one of their own to assist Paul in his prison ministry.  Paul needed someone to go shopping for him and do other errands.  He needed someone who could take care of all the details required by Paul’s unique ministry.  So, the church sent Epaphroditus; but he got deathly sick and almost died.  Paul said God answered the prayers of many and spared his life.  But when he had recovered, he was homesick and desperately missing his friends back home.  Paul sent him back and asked the believers to welcome him as a hero.

In chapter four we meet two women who had partnered with Paul in spreading the Gospel when he first arrived.  But now, something had come between them.  Paul urged the rest of the sisters and brothers to help them work out their differences.

All of these real people are role models for each other and for other.  In chapter 4, Paul adds one more role model—himself.  He says we should imitate whatever we see in his life that is God’s work in him.

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Messages from Rev Mark Alterman

An Encouraging Word

Philippians has one of the most encouraging messages in the Bible.  It teaches us that God is at work in our lives and that God will finish what he started.  It teaches us that whether we live or die, whether we are rich or poor, God is with us, our life is in his hands, and nothing can separate us from him.

Twenty-one of the twenty-seven books in the New Testament are epistles, that is letters.  They are letters from apostles and part of their team to churches or individuals, or individuals who are church leaders.  The apostle Paul wrote twelve or thirteen of the Epistles; (one usually considered his does not name the author). 

The epistles were written from real people to real people.  They were people with real problems; but God was a real presence in their lives and God was doing a good work in them.  My first Sunday at Appleton City, I introduced the author of the letter to the Philippians.  Paul wrote the letter from prison.  He was imprisoned more than once, but most likely he was in Rome, since he mentioned speaking with Caesar’s elite guards who served in Caesar’s own house.

The book of Acts ends describing Paul being under house arrest in Rome awaiting trial.  That’s the back ground to Philippians.  House arrest gave Paul the freedom to continue his ministry while he awaited trial.  He was not free to leave, but he could welcome visitors.  He could dictate his sermons in the form of letters to be delivered to the churches.  He could have conversations about God, Jesus, the life of faith, and the kingdom of God.  And the guards from Caesar’s household overheard all this.

Paul had an especially close and affectionate relationship with the believers in Philippi.  He knew they were worried about him, and he was concerned about them.  He wrote to share his confidence in Christ with them.  He wrote to tell them he was not afraid of death but was confident God still had a purpose for his life.  His words still give us courage when we face death—our own or that of loved ones.  “For me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”

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Pastor Tony Reynolds Memorial Service

It is with a great sense of sadness for our community that we report the death of our dear Pastor Tony Reynolds, Thursday June 2, 2022. We are saddened for our loss of a man who was not just our Pastor but a pastor to our whole community. He is greatly missed.

Memorial services are planned for Thursday June 9, 2022 at the Christian Church Disciples of Christ, Pleasant Hill, MO at 2:00 pm. Visitation is immediately before from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm.

Church address is 519 Cedar Street, Pleasant Hill, MO 64080

There will also be a visitation Wednesday 5:00-7:00 pm at the Christian Church Disciples of Christ 100 S. Chestnut St, Appleton City, MO 64724

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Church Information, Sun-Rise-CWF (Christian Women Fellowship), CMF (Christian Mens Fellowship),


Please know that “YOU” are invited to the “Learning and Fellowship” of the First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Appleton City, Mo. 100 S. Chestnut St.
Our service starts at 10:40, with Sunday School classes (ages preschool through second grade and third grade through fifth) dismissed to class after communion around 11:10
We serve our Loving Savior, Jesus Christ, with a open communion table. All who have the love of Christ in their hearts are welcome to partake.
Please come and join a, “BIBLE based, loving congregation, that is growing in the Love of Christ.
Feel free to contact Pastor Tony Reynolds at church number 660-476-5612, cell- 816-651-3727 or by e-mail if you want to post to this site


Sun-Rise-CWF (Christian Women Fellowship)
Be part of a great ministry that the women of the church to our church and community
These ladies have done such great things as “The Country Store” and the “Christmas in the Country” dinner that ends a wonderful day for the community with food and music
They are active in the community with Christ based services
Their meetings are the second Saturday of every month
A Bible study is offered at 7:30 with the meeting to follow
All women are invited.


CMF (Christian Men’s Fellowship)
Like every guy in the world we let our belly lead us, so we start our monthly meetings with a hearty breakfast before we get down to business.
They meet on the Third Saturday of every month. The meal is at 7:30 am but the fellowship starts at 6:30 am with the preparing of food
There is a free will offering at the meal, this donation has been use in various ventures from donating to the Appleton City Food pantry, to providing for special needs of the church and community
We have a wonderful time, so let us not only feed you hunger, let us help you ease your mind by sharing and drawing strength from one another in Christian fellowship