Appleton City First Christian Church


Notes from Rev. Mark Alterman

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Greetings from Pastor Mark and his wife Sonja,

We have lived in big cities and in small towns.  Sometimes we are needed in the cities, but we enjoy small towns most.  We have enjoyed viewing the farm country as we drive to Appleton City each Sunday this month.  This Sunday Sonja is planning to come with me, and we are bringing a guest.  Aimee Berry was one of my students at Manhattan Christian College more than ten years ago.  She has recently moved from Manhattan to Kansas City, Missouri, and she is looking for a church.  Like us, she likes small towns.  We told her Appleton City might be too far to drive every Sunday, but she can join us for a road trip this Sunday.

On July 3, I requested prayers for our daughter Tabitha and her two children Jupiter (age 9) and Lumina (age 7).  There is a hearing tomorrow about custody arrangements, and we need God to move a mountain.  Please pray for our whole family tomorrow.

I will continue preaching from the book of Philippians this month.  It is one of the most positive and encouraging books in the Bible.  A little later I am going to post my introduction to Philippians and notes on the first two messages.  Then I will give a preview of things to come.  Stay tuned!

Grace and Peace,


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